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Why Oneflex

I previously worked for other employment agencies, but I always had problems there. Then, I was directed to Oneflex and they have not disappointed. They can always be reached; I like their employment agency and I have been working there, with great pleasure, since 2010. They seek the involvement of all their employees. In short: I am driven by my work!

Advantages of Oneflex

Oneflex treats its agency workers with respect, which makes someone like me happy. Oneflex offers me neat and clean housing. I appreciate that in a company. They always have work for me and I like that because I like to work.

New personnel for Oneflex

The arrival of new agency workers is always confirmed by Oneflex. The agency workers receive an agreement with all necessary information, including the home and work address, the hourly wage and the like. Accommodation is available upon arrival, the date of which is indicated by Oneflex. The agency worker has no right to housing before this date. The agency worker provides their own transport from the country of origin to the Netherlands.

Bank account number

The agency worker is obliged to submit a complete and correct bank account number, to which their salary will be transferred, i.e. Name of the bank number’s owner, IBAN number and BIC (SWIFT) code as well as the name and address of the bank. Cash payments are prohibited by law in our sector. Salaries will always be transferred in euros.


Oneflex never gives an advance.

CSN (social security number)

Every employee is required to have a Citizen Service Number. Oneflex makes an appointment with the municipal administration, after which the employee must personally collect the number.

Health insurance

When working under Dutch legislation, a Dutch health insurance is mandatory. Oneflex BV offers.+ basic insurance to its migrant workers. The associated costs for 2017 amount to €23.00 net a week. Agency workers with their own insurance are obliged to submit an insurance certificate/insurance card (or copy thereof).


The employee receives their first 4-weekly salary after at most four weeks. Payments are made on Friday. Oneflex is not responsible for the transaction time of the transfer. The average transaction time in the Netherlands is one business day. Internationally, this is, at most, four business days. You should therefore make certain that you have a enough money for the first 4 weeks.

Housing and transport services


Oneflex Staffing offers excellent residential accommodation to its foreign employees and students, so they can live and work in a pleasant way. The housing fulfils all standards and therefore SNF certified. Besides certification, a good and (safe,) responsible housing to Oneflex means:

Fully equipped rooms, with a common living room as well as a private kitchen and bathroom. The housing is equipped with TV and Internet. Everybody has their own bed in rooms of 1 to 2 persons.

To meet the cost of housing, a realistic amount will be deducted from the employee’s salary as rent. At the employee’s request, Oneflex arranges accommodation for the duration of the employment contract. Employees who make use of Oneflex housing must comply with housing regulations and follow instructions. Oneflex cannot guarantee the availability of rooms for couples, friends, and families.

Housing costs will be harmonised with the employees individually (bed, storage space, use of the kitchen and washing machine, access to Internet and media). Payment of rent for accommodation will start as from the start date of contract.

Transport services

Oneflex BV employees who do not have their own transport will be offered transport by Oneflex. This could be a bicycle for shorter distances and for longer distances a car will be offered.
If you have questions about accommodation or transport, please consult the FAQ. If your question is not answered, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond as soon as possible.

Oneflex cars equipped with GPS systems. These may only be used on the route, as agreed with Oneflex. Road traffic offences are at the driver’s expense and will be deducted from the salary. Parking areas intended for transportation are present at the accommodation.

Payslip via portal

Every 4 weeks, agency workers receive their payslip for the 4 previous working weeks via the portal. These can be consulted via our website under Logon. The employees can log-in by means of their user name and their password. If employees no longer remember their details, they can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or they can also visit our office.

End of agreement or end of the work

Before a contract ends, Oneflex informs the agency worker of a possible extension of the contract. Both the agency worker and Oneflex may terminate the contract, per the information described in the contract.

Within 4 weeks after the end of the contract, Oneflex will transfer all outstanding payments to the agency worker’s bank account. In January of the subsequent year, all employees can consult their annual statement via their own Portal.

Guaranteed hours

Oneflex cannot guarantee the number of hours worked per week and the duration of work, partly through the major impact of the weather. We expect that the agency workers accept that work is different per customer and work location.

Work shoes

In relation to the health and safety laws, every agency workers is required to wear safety shoes at work. If the agency worker already own a pair of work shoes, he/she can take them. Shoes are available from Oneflex for €35. Agency workers must provide their own work clothing. Only in special cases and for a specific type of work, the customer will provide work clothing.

Doctor’s/Dentist’s appointment

Doctor’s and dentist’s appointments can be requested from Oneflex. To this end, we offer transport and/or Dutch-speaking accompaniment. The costs of these are in consultation.

Oneflex strives to ensure that all agency workers feel safe and comfortable at work and at home. Oneflex accepts no form of discrimination, abuse and violence. If you are a witness to or victim of unlawful conduct, please contact Oneflex so we can immediately take the appropriate action.

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